New Portable Air Conditioners Mean a Cool Apartment for Renters

Quiet, No-Drip Air Conditioner Systems That Vent Outdoors Meet Landlord Approval

Now Renters can Have the Comforts of a Cool Home for Summer Without the Pitfalls of Old-Fashioned Window Air Conditioner Units


For renters without air conditioning, summers can be dreadful, with temperatures rising into triple digits and no relief from the heat indoors.  Many landlords do not allow renters to install window units because of the aesthetics and hazards of the units protruding out of windows into courtyards or sidewalks, in addition to the noise and drip factors which make them a nuisance.  In the past many tenants had no choice but to sweat out warm weather, but now with portable, stand-alone AC units available, they have a better option.


Most of the portable AC units feature a technology that allows them to recycle the condensation water that would normally drip outdoors with the old-fashioned window units.  While many of the portable units do require venting through a hose attachment, no peripherals of the unit protrude outside the plane of the window casing.  This set up also does not darken a room like window units that often blocked out light.


Unlike window units that are generally installed with screws to secure them to the window frame, portable units also are usually on casters, so they can be moved room to room as needed.  The portable’s single-hose exhaust system can vent through a vertical-opening or a slide-out window.


Though the units do generate low level noise, they are generally quieter than window units, and the noise is indoors, so it is not disruptive to neighbors.


The only drawback to the portable units is they do require space, near a window, and the hose coil also requires a few feet of space.  They vary in size, but an average unit is the approximate size of a hamper or kitchen trash can.  Also, though the units utilize a regular three-pronged grounded electrical outlet, they draw a considerable electrical current, so in older buildings with outdated electrical systems, other high-current appliances may need to be turned off to avoid tripping a circuit breaker.


The portables are comparably priced to window units at about $350 to $700, depending on the size and cooling ability.  The top-selling 12,000-BTU DeLonghi PAC C120E Portable Air Conditioner and Dehumidifier is a well-priced unit ($479) and can cool spaces sized up to 400 square feet.  As a bonus, it is also offers dehumidification, a remote control, three fan speeds, a self-diagnostic maintenance system, and eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant.

Of course portables are not only an ideal solution for tenants but also for owners of homes and condos that do not have a central air conditioning system and renovation is not possible.


If a household is making an investment in comfort with a non-permanent air conditioning system, a portable unit is the best option for the money and for reasons of convenience and appearance.   Lastly, when a tenant moves out, the portable is easily removed with no footprint left behind.



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