Gigaset’s SL785: The Smartest Landline Handset Ever

The Sleek, Stylish and Solid SL785

I’ve been accused of having a phone obsession.  I don’t spend an inordinate amount of time on the phone; I just like them a lot.  I enjoy having lots of features, and I am very particular about their looks.  So imagine my delight to discover the Gigaset SL785 DECT 6.0 system.  Whereas fancy cell phones abound, until the Gigaset SL785, the lowly landline handset had not gotten much love.

The Gigast SL785 rolls the answering machine into the handset, which sits in a small charging cradle, so it takes up minimal space on a desk or end table.  The separate 4.5” x 4.5” square base, which resembles a small, slim modem, can sit or be mounted anywhere in the home within 165 feet of the handset, or up to 985 feet in unobstructed outdoor areas.   In a large home, multiple bases can be spaced throughout so that a base is always within range, and the phone can be programed to default to a particular base or the best base within range.

The high-end features of the Gigaset SL785 include Bluetooth headset compatibility, Bluetooth or USB data and photo transfer capability for up to 500 v cards (for Window XP or Vista), 45 minutes of message record time, an assortment of ring tone and alarm melodies, a full duplex speakerphone, an illuminated keypad, 15 hours talk time/200 hours standby, caller ID, remote mailbox access and expandability up to six handsets.

Tech features aside, this phone is a beauty to behold.  Its metal shell is sleek, stylish and solid, and its weight in your hand affirms that this handset is substantial.  The on-screen menu operates like a smartphone, down to screen savers and slide show capability on its large color display.

With two or more handsets, the Gigaset SL785 can transfer from handset to handset, host two calls in parallel (one internal/one external) or a three-party conference call with two internal callers.

Finally, a handset that is rivals my smartphone, without the dropped calls.


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