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Simplicikey Hi-Tech Electronic Deadbolt is the Key to Household Security

First impressions are often the most lasting, so it only makes sense that the entrance to your home should be representative of your style.  Not only do your shrubbery and walkway make a statement, but your door, and in the case of Simplicikey, your lock can show how polished you are, literally and figuratively.

The Simplicikey electronic deadbolt operates with a remote control keyfob to slide open your deadbolt with the push of a button, or the lock can be opened by entering a code on an alphanumeric key pad.  As a failsafe, the lock also can be opened with a key.

The heavy-duty all-metal lockset comes in polished brass, satin nickel and aged bronze finishes to match and complement existing door hardware.  For our review, we matched a circa 1930 brass ensemble with the aged bronze set, which blended with the antique ornamentation beautifully.

Simplicikey OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA SimpliciKey Fob in 300 dpi rgb


Tech is the Key

While the Simplicikey appears from the outside to be a traditional lock, but behind its modest exterior it is loaded with tech features.  The key pad is backlit for easy reading of the numbers and letters in the dark.  When the lock is opened or closed using the remote or keypad, a high-intensity blue or red LED bar at the top of the deadbolt illuminates.  To go along with the space age lighting effects, the lock also features sound effects, such as tones (which can be set to a quieter mode if desired) when the key buttons are pressed and a beep to confirm the lock is engaged or unengaged.  If the door does not close properly or otherwise the lock does not fully engage, an error tone will sound.

Besides being a fashionable lockset for any style door, the Simplicikey has a multitude of functions to make gaining entry to a home easier.  Imagine arriving on your doorstep loaded down with grocery bags, or even carrying a sleeping child.  With Simplicikey you can open the deadbolt without fumbling to insert a key in the lock.

The Simplicity also offers security for households where babysitters, housekeepers, handymen and other contractors need temporary access the home.  The homeowner can program up to 16 custom alphanumeric code to provide to these individuals to accommodate their visits.  The codes can be deleted when no longer needed.  Codes can similarly be used to eliminate the need to distribute spare keys to in-laws, neighbors and others who might need occasional access to the home.  The keypad method of entry also eliminates the need to carry along keys when out for a walk or exercise.

Easy Hardware

The lockset unit is powered by four (not included) batteries that are concealed in a compartment on the interior casing of the locks. Two encrypted keyfobs included with the lock have a range of up to 50 feet, though in our tests the remote control operated consistently at a distance of approximately 25 feet unobstructed.

Installation is easy, and in most cases where Simplicity is replacing a standard deadbolt, it can be done with just a screw driver.  Simply remove the old hardware and follow the easy-to-follow 11-step directions that involve fastening the included bolts and screws.  If your old deadbolt hole is not the standard 2” round circle, you may need a handyman or locksmith to drill out the correct size hole.  The one-inch solid brass deadbolt should slide easily into an existing standard deadbolt carve out.  The set comes with the option of a regular strike plate, or you can install the included strike box for added security.

The Simplicity set is priced at $249.99 online at, though comparison shoppers may be able to find the set around $199.99 at online and at national retails stores including, The Home Depot stores, Costco (Satin Nickel finish only at this time), and

Additional keyfobs pairs are $49.99.


I Heart Sonos

sonso studio

It can be hard to get anyone to listen to your music when you are an up-and-coming artist.  And it can be heard to break through the jumble and noise of the marketplace when you have a new technology product for listening to music.  So what did Sonos do?  They combined efforts to give artists a venue and a forum for expression and a showcase for their wireless speaker systems.  Their creation:  The Sonos Studio.

The Sonos Studio is a space in Los Angeles where musical artists, industry luminaries and executives are invited to share their love of music, talk about music history and the business and art of it, exchange ideas, and of course, listen to music – live and recorded, by aspiring and established artists who share Sonos’ enthusiasm for an immersive, interactive musical experience.

Sonos systems allow users to place speakers around their home, office or other space to wirelessly play music.  The music streamed can be from a user’s personal library or from an abundance of sources, free and subscription based, available via Sonos players.  The system can be controlled by an Android device or iPhone or iPad.  Sonos recently announced a partnership with SPIN music group, which is a consortium of music entities all under the curation of the famed voice in music journalism for more than 27 years that has grown to a base of more than 7 million unique visitors a month to its related sites (Music entities under the portfolio of SPIN Music Group include Stereogum, Buzznet, Idolator, PureVolume, Hype Machine, AbsolutePunk, Gorilla vs. Bear, Brooklyn Vegan XLR8R and Punknews).

Sonos boasts an equalliy impressive list of digital music platforms that users can access, including Amazon Cloud Player, AUPEO, Deezer, iheartradio, JUKE,, MOG, Napster®, Pandora®, Rdio®, Rhapsody®, SiriusXM Internet Radio, SlackerRadio®, Songza, Spotify, Stitcher SmartRadio™, TuneIn, and Wolfgang’s Vault.

In the state of the auditory space, Sonos creates events that appeal to music fans who crave new and cutting-edge music and who enjoy networking and mingling with other like-minded music lovers.  While the studio offers advertisers the opportunity to execute offline events and easily launch digital campaigns across multiple music-focused properties, it also provides a unique and exciting concept platform for music fans, especially millennials, who are a prime audience for both Sonos and SPIN.

Studio evnets have ranged from Q&A with prominent music industry guest speakers to art installations involving both audio and video components, such as a fixture of 50 robotic Sonos players suspended from the vaulted ceiling and programmed to follow movement.  Guests could walk through the space as the speakers turned to face them and sound out with music and sound effects.

These types of interactive experiences define the Sonos experience, along with performances by today’s top emerging talent from LA and beyond.  It seems only fitting that the wireless music system pioneer conceived of a way to reach its target audiences effectively and memorably.  Way to play Sonos.

Boundless and Infinite Infinity

Guest post by Robert Morgan

First off I want to say that I had been looking forward to the arrival of Disney Infinity ever since I heard it was coming out. My son and I have been playing Skylanders for the last year and this is somewhat like it — but it’s Disney!

If you like Disney (and who doesn’t with their catalog), you will find more than a few new friends in this collection. You have live action hits like Pirates of the Caribbean as well as Pixar, Marvel and as of late Star Wars (hopefully) and that is what makes it so awesome.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with this type of game it’s available for all the best known gaming platforms (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii).  You place character figurines onto a USB-connected portal, and when you do you will see the character of your choice in the game.

You are the character in the game, controlling, making and creating. You have two main options with the game. The franchise-specific adventure in which you can unfortunately only use the characters of that franchise within the adventure. Meaning you can’t take Jack Sparrow into Monsters Inc. or Dash into Radiator Springs.

In the Toy Box option you can build worlds that you can fill with whatever you want, and this part of the game is my favorite.  Not only can you build anything, you can do it with any of the characters and even mix franchises. How does an Aladdin and Mr. Incredible team-up sound?


I suppose my biggest complaints are that it doesn’t matter how many characters you own, you really only need one per franchise to complete that character’s franchise adventure, as all the characters have the same capabilities.

With Disney Infinity you just need your favorite character from each franchise and you are all set unless of course you desire extra variety in the Toy Box.


Overall I’d say it’s a great set for younger players age 6-10 who want to go crazy with their favorite Disney characters without being over encumbered with complicated gameplay. The actual character game pieces are really nicely done and look fantastic.

As Disney Infinity and the latest Skylanders starter set are fairly close in price, about $75.00, the question you have to ask yourself is are you more interested in a tame fighting experience (Skylanders) or an even tamer fighting experience that also allows for more creativity and world building.Image

Power Trip – iWALK’s Chameleon and Chameleon Easy

iWalk's Chameleon for iPhone 4/4S

iWalk’s Chameleon for iPhone 4/4S

For those who don’t have time to recharge their iPhone 4/4S on the go, iWALK’s Chameleon high capacity power case is a convenient solution to extending battery time.  The Chameleon utilizes a 2,000mAh lithium polymer high capacity battery that lasts up to 500 full charges.  The case features an LED battery level indicator that displays the battery life, an on/off switch to preserve power, and a special design that does not interfere with the iPhone’s photo functions, including a coating around the camera lens designed to eliminate “flashback” while taking pictures.

The Chameleon comes in five different interchangeable face plates in white, black, pink, lime and yellow – hence the name, and it charges with an included micro USB cable.  Available at select Sprint stores and select retailers nationwide or at for $59.99.  For the Galaxy S3, the Chameleon Easy, available for $64.99, provides the same portable power functions and stylings.  Both come with a one-year warranty.

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