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Google Announces $35 Chromecast to Stream YouTube, Netflix, etc. to TVs

At a press event in San Francisco today Google announced a new device that will put content from Android, iOS and Chrome OS devices and content from¬†Chrome browsers to a TV screen. A next and better generation than Google’s similar but costly Imageoogle¬†Nexus Q, which never made it to market, the $35 dongle-type device, called Chromecast, runs a simplified version of Chrome OS and connects directly to a TV through the HDMI port. The device allows users to wirelessly send 1080p content from services like Pandora, Google Music, YouTube and Netflix from various devices to their TV. Users can still use their device to multitask without interrupting the stream. Devices can also be used as a remote control to turn the TV on, raise the volume and add more content to the streaming queue. Chromecast is available now through Google Play, Amazon and Best Buy. Early adopters will be given three months of Netflix service for free with their purchase.

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