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How to get your boss to get you a standing desk…next go for the treadmill desk!

IMG_8459 (jeff hale's conflicted copy 2016-07-13)Standing desks are becoming more common in workplaces, but many employees do not have them simply because they do not know how to approach company management to get one.

If you want a standing desk, you do not stand alone.  According to Google Trends, the level of search interest in standing desk has skyrocketed in the past few years. Even the White House requested $700,000 worth of standing desks.

For if you don’t work at the White House or an office where standing desks are readily available, you can probably get one, if you ask the right way, says Kathleen Hale, founder of the Chair Free Project, a movement that eschews unhealthy sitting at work and play.  According to Hale, here are five ways to get the boss to sign on the dotted line for your standing desk order, simply by presenting management with the facts.


  1. Make a case for cost savings


All companies want to save money, so show management how standing desks are cost effective. The vast majority of employers make wellness programs a significant part of their budget. Nearly 80% of employers provide wellness programs for their employees and spend nearly $700 per person each year to implement them. Yet, many wellness programs do not address a major obstacle to wellness: sitting desks. The research is clear that sitting in chairs for long periods of time has serious negative consequences on one’s risk of developing chronic disease, cancer, even depression. Sitting can be harmful to your health, even if you exercise. If your employer does not want the money they invest in wellness programs to go to waste, then they need to give employees the option to stand up at work. Standing for bursts of time throughout the day can promote blood flow, muscle engagement, and metabolic processes – all of which positively impact health.


  1. Show how employees get more done when standing


Companies make money when employees are working efficiently. Yet who has not come back from lunch and nodded off at their desk? Who hasn’t taken an hour to really get working in the morning? Even your boss can relate to these feelings of sluggishness. Imagine instead that you could avoid these low-energy moments simply by having the choice to raise up your desk. When you stand up, you can reduce feelings of fatigue and, according to research studies, significantly boost productivity.


  1. Explain how standing desks are hassle-free and affordable


Adding new furniture to an office can spark two thoughts: big pain and big price tag. You need to let your boss know that getting a standing desk will be hassle-free and affordable. To do this, make two specific recommendations for desks that would work well in our office space. If you work in a cubicle, it might not be possible to replace your desk, so suggest a product that can sits on a desktop. If your office has an open floor plan, your employer might be concerned about having access to an outlet. Show how outlets would remain accessible; or if that is not possible, choose a non-electric standing desk. Perhaps your company places value on activity tracking. Some desks even have built in mechanisms for tracking steps, time and distance.


  1. Rally the troops


Talk to other co-workers about their interest in a standing desk option. Combine your reasons for wanting a standing desk – whether for productivity, health, reduced back pain – and present them to your employer. For an added bonus, show management the ample research shows standing while working in a group promotes openness and collaboration. Brainstorming can be a breeze when everyone is standing up rather than slouched in chairs and withdrawing from the group.


Your boss or HR supervisor likely has preconceived ideas about standing desks, so arm yourself with persuasive information to overcome those misconceptions, and let your employer see the true benefits of having the option to work while standing. Once you are standing, then you can work toward walking, says Hale.  “The next step to staying healthy and active during your work day is a treadmill desk.”





Pyle Introduces High Speed 4K HD Action Sports Camera

User friendly mini high speed, HD camera/camcorder captures every heart-pounding second of your adventures

pyle hd

Pyle Audio®, manufacturers of outdoor recreational sports gear, introduces the High Speed 4K HD Action Camera. Pyle®’s High Speed 4K HD Action Camera (SLDV4KBL) is the perfect companion for action sport enthusiasts looking to re-live every hairpin turn or monster jump, while sharing their HD photos and videos with family and friends. The High Speed 4K HD Action Camera from Pyle is available in black, blue or grey for $79.99 at

To ensure that every action-packed detail is captured, the High Speed 4K HD Action Camera boasts 16 mega pixels and is complete with CMOS image sensor technology. Recording at 120 frames-per-second, this camera/camcorder produces high speed, high quality videos fit for any video production. Features such as 4X zoom and invertible screen display, are controlled via a 2.0” LCD touch screen. The camera can also be operated by a Wi-Fi remote control or smartphone to wirelessly snap pictures and record video.

The versatile High Speed 4K HD Action Camera comes equipped with a variety of accessories including a waterproof case and multiple mounts and clips, allowing the compact camera to be mounted to bike handlebars, armbands, helmets, snorkel masks and more. With its two-hour Lithium rechargeable battery and included USB or car charging cables, this camera/camcorder is ready for any action-packed adventure.

Amped Wireless Introduces ALLY Wi-Fi System

07_allyAmped Wireless, the leading manufacturer of high power, long range wireless solutions, is bridging Wi-Fi performance, security and simplicity with the launch of ALLY, a whole-home smart AC1900 Wi-Fi system with MU-MIMO. Available for pre-order August 23, ALLY is designed to deliver an unparalleled Wi-Fi experience for homes of all sizes.


The ALLY Wi-Fi system is the first seamless roaming solution with blazing-fast Wi-Fi speeds, MU-MIMO technology and whole-home coverage with award winning, high power technology. Offering easy setup and a mobile app for on-the-go control, the ALLY and ALLY Plus systems reach up to 15,000 square feet of secure coverage for seamless roaming and uninterrupted streaming.


Built with the digitally-connected family in mind, ALLY features intelligent parental controls that make online parenting feel easy and safe. Through ALLY’s customized user profiles, parents can manage and limit access to selected content, websites or apps. Additionally, parents can monitor and segment a child’s screen time, review an activity log, pause Internet service and even set a curfew schedule for their Internet use.


Parents can also feel at ease knowing that devices on their network are protected by AVG Technologies, the leading provider of software and services to secure devices, data and people. Customers can download the ALLY app and help safeguard devices from malware by activating AVG’s free, built-in web protection and real-time monitoring of network traffic. ALLY’s security features, parental control options and iOS and Android apps are built on Chime, AVG’s smart router platform developed by AVG’s Innovations Labs, an exploratory branch of AVG Technologies.


“Innovation is part of our DNA here at Amped Wireless,” said Jason Owen, Executive Vice President of Networking, Amped Wireless. “We are elated to announce ALLY and our partnership with AVG. By combining Amped Wireless’ award winning high power technology with AVG’s software and security expertise, we’ve created the industry’s best whole-home Wi-Fi solution. The result is a one-of-a-kind system that performs at the highest levels while providing a user experience that is second to none, bringing peace of mind to users as their network and families are protected.”


The partnership establishes ALLY as the only home wireless system that offers web protection that safeguards devices, including tablets, phones, computers and other devices. Additionally, the system alerts users when a new device requests network access, further protecting the network from unwanted parties.


“Gartner predicts the average family house will contain more than 500 smart devices by 2022. As the complexity of the connected home increases, so does the potential risk involved,” says Todd Simpson, Chief Strategy Officer of AVG Technologies. “AVG’s Innovation Labs created Chime to simplify security and router technology for connected families. In time this will be like an antivirus for the home that can stop threats before they reach devices.”


In addition to the advanced software and security, the ALLY hardware is also ahead of the innovation curve. All units are built with next generation 802.11ac, Multi-User MIMO technology. Traditional Wi-Fi systems stream data to just one device at a time, leaving the rest of the devices to wait their turn which results in slower downloads and video buffering. With MU-MIMO, ALLY is able to stream HD content at faster speeds to multiple devices at once, delivering increased speeds for homes with multiple devices. Pair that with Amped Wireless’ award winning High Power Technology and you have unparalleled reliability, coverage and performance. Every smartphone, tablet, computer, TV and more can connect from virtually anywhere in the home or office. It is the solution for a flawless, whole-home, reliable Wi-Fi system.


There are ALLY solutions for both small-medium sized homes, as well as medium-large sized homes, and everything in between. Both ALLY and ALLY Plus products have an estimated delivery of early October. ALLY is priced at $199.99 and ALLY Plus at $379.99. For purchase information and additional details visit


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