Quick Start Guide founder K. Pearson Brown was frustrated reading technical reviews of electronics that were laundry lists of product specifications.  Brown launched QSG to offer gadget users of all backgrounds easy-to-understand reviews that highlight the features and benefits that are useful in everyday life.

About the Author

K. Pearson Brown is a gadget geek and electronics lover who prides herself in being the earliest adopter of the latest technology, for work, home and life. When technology came of age, she was the first person on the block to have a Walkman, Palm Pilot, and even a brick-sized cell phone — antenna and all. Brown reviews all types of electronics, from cameras and computers to hi-tech toys and household appliances. She served as LA Tech Examiner for Examiner.com and a contributor to WIRED Insights, Medium, Agency, SheKnows, HerBlog, MomsLA, L.A. Family, L.A. Parent, Expecting, Vagobond, MomsLA, Brentwood Media Group (Westside Today, Beverly Hills 90210, Westwood/Bel-Air View, Brentwood News, Santa Monica Sun, Palisades 90272, Malibu Beach), Frontiers, and LA Independent. She was also a commentator on the top-rated NPR radio station KPCC-FM in Los Angeles.


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