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Simplicikey Hi-Tech Electronic Deadbolt is the Key to Household Security

First impressions are often the most lasting, so it only makes sense that the entrance to your home should be representative of your style.  Not only do your shrubbery and walkway make a statement, but your door, and in the case of Simplicikey, your lock can show how polished you are, literally and figuratively.

The Simplicikey electronic deadbolt operates with a remote control keyfob to slide open your deadbolt with the push of a button, or the lock can be opened by entering a code on an alphanumeric key pad.  As a failsafe, the lock also can be opened with a key.

The heavy-duty all-metal lockset comes in polished brass, satin nickel and aged bronze finishes to match and complement existing door hardware.  For our review, we matched a circa 1930 brass ensemble with the aged bronze set, which blended with the antique ornamentation beautifully.

Simplicikey OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA SimpliciKey Fob in 300 dpi rgb


Tech is the Key

While the Simplicikey appears from the outside to be a traditional lock, but behind its modest exterior it is loaded with tech features.  The key pad is backlit for easy reading of the numbers and letters in the dark.  When the lock is opened or closed using the remote or keypad, a high-intensity blue or red LED bar at the top of the deadbolt illuminates.  To go along with the space age lighting effects, the lock also features sound effects, such as tones (which can be set to a quieter mode if desired) when the key buttons are pressed and a beep to confirm the lock is engaged or unengaged.  If the door does not close properly or otherwise the lock does not fully engage, an error tone will sound.

Besides being a fashionable lockset for any style door, the Simplicikey has a multitude of functions to make gaining entry to a home easier.  Imagine arriving on your doorstep loaded down with grocery bags, or even carrying a sleeping child.  With Simplicikey you can open the deadbolt without fumbling to insert a key in the lock.

The Simplicity also offers security for households where babysitters, housekeepers, handymen and other contractors need temporary access the home.  The homeowner can program up to 16 custom alphanumeric code to provide to these individuals to accommodate their visits.  The codes can be deleted when no longer needed.  Codes can similarly be used to eliminate the need to distribute spare keys to in-laws, neighbors and others who might need occasional access to the home.  The keypad method of entry also eliminates the need to carry along keys when out for a walk or exercise.

Easy Hardware

The lockset unit is powered by four (not included) batteries that are concealed in a compartment on the interior casing of the locks. Two encrypted keyfobs included with the lock have a range of up to 50 feet, though in our tests the remote control operated consistently at a distance of approximately 25 feet unobstructed.

Installation is easy, and in most cases where Simplicity is replacing a standard deadbolt, it can be done with just a screw driver.  Simply remove the old hardware and follow the easy-to-follow 11-step directions that involve fastening the included bolts and screws.  If your old deadbolt hole is not the standard 2” round circle, you may need a handyman or locksmith to drill out the correct size hole.  The one-inch solid brass deadbolt should slide easily into an existing standard deadbolt carve out.  The set comes with the option of a regular strike plate, or you can install the included strike box for added security.

The Simplicity set is priced at $249.99 online at, though comparison shoppers may be able to find the set around $199.99 at online and at national retails stores including, The Home Depot stores, Costco (Satin Nickel finish only at this time), and

Additional keyfobs pairs are $49.99.

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